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Nelly De Vuyst®

We at Rejuve understand that everyone’s skin is unique and requires special care and treatment, thus we offer a wide range of Nelly De Vuyst® skin care products. These products address every skin care concern with the best therapy. Nelly De Vuyst® products are made of natural substances of the vegetable origin. All the products are based on the recent discoveries in cosmetology and are of high quality. Nelly De Vuyst® skin care products have met tremendous consumer satisfaction since its first launch in 1946. The New Generation Nelly De Vuyst® skin care products utilize the Diadermic method that offers a penetration of chosen active ingredients for guaranteed results.

For long lasting results, you should opt for Nelly De Vuyst® correcting serums. The serums work on various dermal functions like fibroblasts, connective tissues and capillaries. The sensitive skin serum is specially formulated for the skin that shows indications of redness and presents symptoms of rosacea. The active ingredient in Nelly De Vuyst® sensitive skin serum offers a soothing feeling and also reduces the redness. This gentle serum gives you relief from irritated skin, evens the skin tone and calms down the skin which is disturbed by severe climatic factors. This product is perfect for irritated skin.

Another popular serum offered by us is Nelly De Vuyst® firming serum. It is made of several active ingredients precisely formulated for wrinkles and sagging skin. If applied daily, the serum helps in restoring youthful appearance, oxygenates the skin and firms up the skin tissues. If you are looking for a product by which you can minimize the aging signs, cellular- matrix serum offered by us will be the best choice for you. It can be regarded as a rejuvenating treatment which prevents expression lines and aging signs. Collagen and Marine elastine in this serum stimulates cellular renewal, increases circulation and enhances hydrolipidic balance.

We also offer a wide range of Nelly De Vuyst® cleansers and toners. The sensitive skin toner is perfect for fragile and delicate skin. The mild formula used in this toner is known for its calming properties which hydrate and relax the skin. Moreover, it balances the pH level of the skin. You can now bring back your lost skin glow, suppleness and elasticity with varieties of Nelly De Vuyst® skin masks. The skin masks are made of seaweed and other essential minerals. These ingredients decongest clogged and oily skin. We also suggest individuals to use Nelly De Vuyst® skin treatment masks for restoring skin radiance.

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